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Image credit by Sophia Tung


Sophia Tung

April 1, 2015



So I've been wanting to implement the Tweet Marker API for a while in Flyte. Now that I've completely rewritten Flyte 2 to be more modular, more extensible, and way cleaner in terms of implementation, I can finally do it efficiently and properly.

The first thing I did was go and try to find an open source Tweet Marker library. There was none. So I just wrote my own. I'm happy to announce that I will be open sourcing BTTweetMarkerAPI when Flyte 2 launches. It's a full 1:1 Objective-C wrapper for the Tweet Marker API, which syncs timeline positions across Twitter clients efficiently and almost instantaneously.

All you have to have for BTTweetMarkerAPI to work is the username of the account and the OAuth Echo headers associated with that account. BTTweetMarkerAPI runs as a singleton, so there's no need to instantiate or keep track of anything, it does it all for you.

You do need a Tweet Marker API key which you can obtain from the Tweet Marker website. BTTweetMarkerAPI also relies on AFNetworking, but honestly who doesn't already use it. I mean c'mon now.

Anyways, look forward to it!