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Sophia Tung

April 9, 2015

PayPal Woes

PayPal Woes

Consider the following situation:

Your international friend wants to pay you some money so you can buy something only sold in the U.S. to ship to him internationally.

First thing you think of is how best to get the money from one account to another. Ohhh, that's right, I'll initiate a bank transfer! What a great idea!

No. Not a great idea. Slow, poky, subject to a bunch of surcharges.

What about checks? Those are great right? No. Not at all. What if it gets lost in transit? What if somebody steals it? No.

So where does that leave us? PayPal right? No. Dear God no. I had to go through 4 text message authentication codes and two automated phone calls due to broken parts of the website.

If only Square Cash was international...